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Zhoushan Port shortlisted to carry out pilot projects for promotion and application of biodiesel in China

According to the Zhoushan Administrative Committee of the Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone, Zhoushan Port has been successfully shortlisted among the primarily approved companies to conduct pilot projects for promoting and implementing biodiesel in China.

Among the 22 selected companies, Zhoushan is the sole representative from a free trade zone. The list was open for public feedback until April 9th.

This development follows the announcement by the General Administration Department of the National Energy Administration, revealing the list of nationwide pilot projects aimed at promoting and utilizing biodiesel.

The committee stated, “This will create new prospects in Zhoushan for advancing green and clean energy from biomass and establishing a significant bunkering center for international vessels utilizing renewable energy.”

In the previous year, Zhoushan’s bunkering sector witnessed substantial growth, with a recorded bonded bunkering volume of 7.05 million metric tonnes (mt), positioning it as the leading bunkering hub in the country and the fourth globally.

“The demand potential for biodiesel in Zhoushan Port is substantial. The current market demand for biodiesel fuel ranges between 300,000 to 500,000 mt annually. In the future, the biofuel bunkering sector is anticipated to generate numerous opportunities for resource alignment and trade,” the committee added.

Since the inception of the pilot project application process, Zhoushan has concentrated on key aspects of biofuel bunkering such as B24, encompassing production, storage, transportation, blending, and refueling.

Zhoushan has outlined four primary development objectives, which include establishing a biodiesel production base, constructing a biodiesel storage and transportation trading hub, planning a marine biofuel oil blending facility, and fostering the promotion of a biofuel bunkering center.



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