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UK: Clearing House launched for sustainable aviation fuel

The launch of the Clearing House will be spearheaded by the University of Sheffield and the Energy Institute, supported by environmental consultancy Ricardo plc, and funded by the UK Department of Transport.

Fuel producers are now invited to submit applications for technical assistance and funding for the development, testing, and qualification of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) through this facility.

The UK SAF Clearing House aims to offer guidance to fuel producers on testing procedures, direct them to testing facilities, and aid in the qualification of SAFs to overcome obstacles in meeting stringent performance criteria and undergoing rigorous testing for aircraft use.

Designed to cater to key stakeholders such as fuel producers, aerospace original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), airlines, and airports, the UK SAF Clearing House will provide free-of-charge support services to fuel producers.

It will collaborate with international clearing houses and orchestrate a fuel qualification program with OEM support.

The UK SAF Clearing House is currently open for applications, inviting stakeholders, particularly fuel producers, to connect via its website or contact email for inquiries related to the development, testing, and qualification of SAFs.

Professor Chris Lewis, Director of UK SAF Clearing House at the University of Sheffield, commented, “While it’s encouraging to witness increased activity in SAF development, the growing diversity of raw materials and processes presents a significant industry shift. This offers an opportunity to mitigate aviation emissions but also poses challenges in bringing these diverse SAF products to market.”



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