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World’s first supply chain established for more sustainable polyester fiber based on CO2-derived material as well as renewable and bio-based materials

A consortium comprising seven companies from five countries has collaboratively established a supply chain aimed at producing more sustainable polyester fiber. Instead of using fossil-based materials, the manufacturing process for polyester fibers destined for The North Face brand in Japan will incorporate renewable and bio-based materials, along with carbon capture and utilization (CCU) technologies. The consortium members include Goldwin (acting as the project owner), Mitsubishi Corporation, and Chiyoda Corporation from Japan, SK geo centric from South Korea, Indorama Ventures from Thailand, India Glycols from India, and Neste.

Neste will supply renewable Neste RE™ as a key ingredient for polyester production. The polyester fiber produced through this initiative is scheduled for use by Goldwin in select The North Face products, such as sports uniforms, starting in July 2024. Subsequent considerations may involve expanding the use of these fibers to additional Goldwin products and brands.

The consortium employs a mass balancing approach to ensure transparent traceability of material flows throughout the supply chain. Together, they are committed to actively promoting the transition away from fossil-based materials, thereby contributing to a more sustainable society.



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