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Government focus is on promoting use of non-polluting sources to power personal and public transportation

In light of escalating pollution concerns in India, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari has underscored the government’s commitment to promoting non-polluting energy sources for both personal and public transportation. Speaking at the NDTV InfraShakti Awards, Gadkari emphasized the need for affordable, eco-friendly transport solutions of domestic origin. He highlighted initiatives such as Indian Oil’s installation of 300 ethanol pumps and the introduction of flexible-fuel vehicles by automakers.

Gadkari pointed out the economic advantage of using ethanol priced at Rs 60 per liter compared to petrol at Rs 120 per liter. He suggested a blend where vehicles operate 60 percent on electricity and 40 percent on ethanol, which would not only cut costs but also reduce pollution.

Furthermore, Gadkari expressed his ambition for an agricultural “green revolution” and assured adequate funding for his initiatives, attracting significant investor interest due to the perceived potential.

Union Petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, also present at the event, echoed optimism about the energy sector, noting the nation’s comprehensive utilization of various energy forms including green energy and biofuels. He highlighted achievements like achieving a 15 percent biofuel blending ratio, emphasizing the sector’s pivotal role in addressing agricultural challenges.

The event hosted discussions with experts advocating for sustainable infrastructure that enhances climate resilience while safeguarding the environment, underscoring the importance of balanced development and environmental stewardship.



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