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Taiwan plans SAF imports in first half of 2025

Taiwan aims to begin importing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) through state-owned refiner CPC Corp by the first half of 2025, as announced by its civil aviation administration. This move underscores the region’s commitment to using SAF, derived from renewable sources, to power aircraft in alignment with net-zero carbon emission goals by 2050. Currently, the adoption of SAF remains at an early stage across Asia.

Here’s a roundup of SAF developments across the Asia-Pacific region:

Taiwan: Taiwan encourages airlines to incorporate up to 5% SAF in their fuel program by 2030, though not yet mandated. CPC is scheduled to commence SAF imports by mid-2025.

Indonesia: Mandated a 3% biofuel blend in jet fuel by 2020, but implementation has been delayed. Pertamina, Indonesia’s state-owned company, issued its first tender for SAF, with deliveries expected in August.

Singapore: Plans to achieve a 1% SAF target by 2026, with ambitions to increase to 3-5% by 2030. The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) intends to introduce an SAF levy tied to its SAF procurement strategy.

China: No SAF mandate as of June 2024, but expected policy developments for 2030 may attract substantial investments into the sector.

New Zealand: No current SAF mandate. Air New Zealand received its first SAF delivery in Wellington from EcoCeres in China.

Malaysia: Plans for a 1% SAF blending mandate with a target of 47% by 2050. Petronas and Japan’s Idemitsu Kosan signed a collaboration agreement for SAF development.

India: Aims for 1% SAF in aviation fuel by 2027, increasing to 2% by 2028 for international flights. Indian Oil Corp is partnering with LanzaTech to set up an SAF plant in Haryana.

Japan: Mandating 10% SAF for international flights by 2030. Japanese firms like Fuji Oil and Itochu are advancing bio-SAF production.

Philippines: While lacking a mandate, Cebu Pacific conducted SAF-powered flights from Singapore to Manila, partnering with Shell Eastern Petroleum for SAF supply.

Australia: Qantas launched the SAF Coalition to promote sustainable aviation fuel. Qantas and Airbus are investing in a biofuel refinery in Queensland.

Across the region, these initiatives highlight a growing commitment to reduce aviation’s environmental footprint through SAF adoption.



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