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Hygenco signs term sheet with Ameropa; aims to enhance green ammonia exports from India

Hygenco Green Energies has taken a significant step towards boosting India’s green ammonia exports by signing a term sheet with Ameropa for supply from its upcoming plant in the country. The first phase of the Gopalpur port project in Odisha aims to produce 600 tonnes per day (TPD) of green ammonia, with commercial operations slated for 2027.

The production capacity is expected to double to 1,200 metric tonnes per day (MTPD) by early 2028, scaling up to a full capacity of 1.1 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) by 2030.

As the sole operator of a commercial green hydrogen plant in India, Hygenco is expanding its presence with multiple green hydrogen facilities nationwide, backed by a planned investment of US$2.5 billion over the next three years.

Amit Bansal, co-founder & CEO of Hygenco Green Energies, highlighted the strategic importance of partnering with Ameropa, stating, “Inspired by the age-old philosophy that the world is one family, we are proud to announce a visionary partnership with Ameropa to support their decarbonization goals. This term sheet highlights India’s exceptional position to lead globally in this sector, by harnessing its abundant renewable energy resources and strong infrastructure.”

Globally, amid heightened efforts to reduce carbon emissions and achieve neutrality by 2050, green hydrogen and ammonia are increasingly valued as sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, particularly in industries like fertilizers and energy. India’s ambitious goal to produce 5 million tonnes of green hydrogen by 2030 positions it as a key exporter of green ammonia.

Beat Ruprecht, Head of Ammonia at Ameropa, commented on the rapid advancement of the projects, stating, “The Swiss trader has decided to support Hygenco’s well-advanced plans whilst nurturing the ambition of a global portfolio of low-carbon ammonia.”

Hygenco and Ameropa are preparing to export green ammonia to European and Asian markets, focusing on establishing a resilient supply chain. The strategic collaboration aims to capture a significant portion of the expanding global market for low-carbon ammonia, critical for Ameropa in supporting the production of environmentally-friendly fertilizers and promoting sustainable agricultural practices worldwide.



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