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Solar power around the clock: How solar can light up India’s clean energy future

India has a big dream: clean, reliable energy 24/7. Solar power seems perfect, but it only shines during the day. So how can we use this sunshine power at night? Here’s where a special clean fuel called green hydrogen comes in! But to make green hydrogen, we need a constant flow of affordable solar energy.

Solar Power All Day, Every Day

The sun is a powerful energy source, but it doesn’t work overtime. This “on-again, off-again” nature makes it tricky to rely on solar power alone. The answer? Storing sunshine! With better storage systems, we can save extra energy during the day and use it later, even at night. Imagine sunshine powering your lights after dark!

Good News: Solar Storage is Getting Cheaper!

Storing solar energy is becoming more affordable. This will be a game-changer because:

  • Nighttime Power: Stored sun power can be used anytime to create green hydrogen, even at night!
  • Reliable Solar: With storage, solar becomes a dependable energy source, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

Green Hydrogen: The Clean Energy Superhero

Green hydrogen, made using solar power, can be a champion for a cleaner future:

  • Clean Cars: Hydrogen-powered vehicles can replace gas-guzzlers, reducing pollution in our cities.
  • Greener Factories: Factories can use green hydrogen to cut down on emissions and become more eco-friendly.
  • Global Leader: India has the potential to become a top producer of green hydrogen, helping the world go green!

Why this is a Big Deal for India

Solar power stored 24/7 and clean-burning green hydrogen offer exciting possibilities for India:

  • Leading the Clean Energy Race: India can be a frontrunner in the global green hydrogen movement, if the storage is affordable.
  • Going Global with Green: India can become a major exporter of clean energy, making a positive impact worldwide.
  • Businesses Breathe Easy: Companies can switch to clean energy, avoiding the ups and downs of fossil fuel prices.

Working Together for a Brighter Future

To make green hydrogen a reality, we all need to chip in:

  • Science & Innovation: Scientists and engineers can keep developing better ways to store solar energy and produce hydrogen.
  • Businesses Go Green: Companies can invest in clean energy solutions, benefiting the environment and their profits.
  • Public Power: People who care about a clean future can support policies that promote green hydrogen and renewable energy.

By working together, we can turn green hydrogen into a success story for India. Let’s embrace innovation and collaboration to make clean energy a reality for everyone, lighting the way for a brighter tomorrow.

The views and opinions expressed in the article by Bhagyashri Patil Ghongade, Senior Manager of Market & Strategic Partnerships at Raj Process & Equipments Pvt Ltd., are solely her own.

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