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Brazil: Raizen ships 2G ethanol cargo to European Union

According to the vice-president Paulo Corte-Real Neves, a second generation (2G) ethanol-producing unit of Brazil’s top sugar and ethanol milling group Raizen — known as Bonfim Bioenergy Park — shipped its first cargo of 2G ethanol to the EU (European Union), reported Argus.

“We were already exporting E2G produced at the Costa Pinto unit,” Neves remarked at the Argus Biofuels and Feedstocks Latin America conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil. “Now, with the Bonfim plant, we have enhanced our presence with customers and expanded our footprint in cellulosic ethanol.”

Bonfim Bioenergy Park represents Raizen’s second facility dedicated to 2G ethanol production, following the Costa Pinto Bioenergy Park, both located in Sao Paulo state and collectively producing 112 million liters per year (1,940 barrels per day), as detailed by chief executive Ricardo Mussa in May.

Last year, Raizen allocated 80% of Bonfim’s output to international markets, with plans to sell the remaining portion on the EU ethanol spot market.

A joint venture between Shell and Brazilian conglomerate Cosan, Raizen aims to operate 20 2G ethanol units within the next decade, achieving a total installed capacity of up to 1.6 billion liters per year (27,750 barrels per day) upon completion of its expansion projects.



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