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Kuwait: Government explores strategies for safe disposal of 50,000 barrels of ethanol

According to various local media reports, discussions within the Kuwaiti government involving multiple parties have been ongoing to devise practical solutions for the disposal of around 50,000 barrels of ethanol or ethyl alcohol stored in the Shuaiba area. The primary objective of these discussions is to mitigate any potential risks arising from the prolonged storage of this chemical compound.

As per the media report, around 60,000 barrels of ethanol have been stored since 2020, initially imported as part of the government’s strategies to address the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, over the past four years, only about 500 barrels have been utilized, with an additional 10,000 barrels distributed to various government agencies requiring this substance for their operations. Consequently, the current stock stands at approximately 50,000 barrels.

The prolonged presence of this substantial quantity has emphasized the necessity of disposing of it safely and efficiently, in collaboration with relevant authorities, primarily led by the oil sector.

Selling these barrels to external companies poses challenges, as it could result in accounting losses for the government. Therefore, an agreement has been reached to task pertinent authorities, including the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Industry Authority, the Kuwait Supply Company, the oil sector, the Kuwait Ports Corporation, and the General Fire Department, with redirecting this stock to government agencies capable of utilizing it, ensuring its safe unloading and handling.



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