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Ireland: New Bio CNG refuelling station officially opens in Dublin

Starting today, transport companies utilizing renewable compressed natural gas to power heavy goods vehicles can now refuel at Ireland’s inaugural dedicated Bio CNG refueling stop situated in north Co Dublin.

Operated by Flogas, the station will cater to the demand for renewable biomethane in Ireland’s transport sector while also serving as a commercial and industrial energy supplier.

Situated at FoodCentral in St Margaret’s, the 2,900sq.m site features a dual-sided high-speed dispenser capable of refueling up to 50 HGVs daily. At full capacity, the station is expected to reduce over 9,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually compared to diesel-fueled HGVs.

With Bio-CNG for HGVs slashing carbon emissions by up to 90%, this development aligns with the Government’s recent unveiling of the National Biomethane Strategy, aimed at facilitating the delivery of up to 5.7 Terrwatt Hours (TWh) of domestically produced biomethane by 2030.

Bio-CNG will play a pivotal role in decarbonizing Ireland’s road haulage sector, which accounts for 20.7% of the nation’s total road transport emissions.

The renewable fuel for the station will be sourced from Irish and European anaerobic digestion (AD) plants. Flogas holds the distinction of being the sole energy supplier in Ireland approved under the Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme for the provision of Bio-CNG.

The Renewable Gas Certification scheme, overseen by Certa, a sister company of Flogas, aims to authenticate claims made by companies supplying renewable fuels to heavy-duty vehicle and equipment operators regarding their product’s GHG emission savings and raw material feedstock provenance.

This new facility, operational around the clock, underscores Flogas’s commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions. Already supplying renewable biomethane to four Circle K refueling pumps nationwide, Flogas continues to drive the transition towards greener transportation options in Ireland.



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