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Boost to CBG production: Government approves ‘Scheme for DPI for injection of CBG in CGD network’

The government is leaving no stone unturned to enhance Compressed Bio Gas (CBG) production in the country by formulating and introducing favorable policies and schemes for producers.

In a significant move to boost CBG production, the government has approved “Scheme for Development of Pipeline Infrastructure (DPI) for injection of Compressed Bio Gas (CBG) in City Gas Distribution (CGD) network” with a total financial outlay of Rs 994.50 crore during the period of FY 2023-24 to FY 2025-26.

As per notification released on March 15, the scheme shall provide financial assistance for creating CBG-CGD grid connectivity for 100 CBG projects and create ecosystem for offtake of CBG with reduced logistic cost.

Detailed guidelines for the scheme will be issued separately.

CBG production in India presents a promising opportunity for sustainable energy development, especially for sugar mills that can leverage existing resources.



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