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WestJet acquires Shell Aviation’s first Sustainable Aviation Fuel available for purchase in Canada

WestJet announced its acquisition of the first batch of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) supplied in Canada by Shell Aviation. This milestone underscores WestJet’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and signifies progress toward enhancing the sustainability of Canada’s aviation sector.

Angela Avery, WestJet Group’s Executive Vice President and Chief People, Corporate, and Sustainability Officer, emphasized WestJet’s role as a leader in sustainability technologies. She highlighted WestJet’s history of pioneering advancements like Winglets and drag reduction, now extending to becoming the first airline in Canada to procure SAF from Shell. Avery expressed optimism about future collaboration and innovation with Shell, promoting investments in decarbonization.

With the right regulatory and investment support, SAF remains one of the most viable and scalable options within the aviation sector to reduce emissions by up to 80% over the lifecycle, compared to conventional aviation fuel. WestJet is committed to collaborating with government and industry partners to establish a sustainable commercial framework for SAF adoption. The SAF supplied by Shell Aviation is blended with conventional jet fuel to meet all safety and certification requirements without requiring new investments in aircraft engines or fuel infrastructure.

Christine Bassitt, General Manager of Shell Aviation Americas, highlighted Shell’s commitment to supporting customers in their decarbonization efforts while expanding the SAF supply chain in Canada to benefit more customers like WestJet.

To supply WestJet with SAF, Shell Aviation utilizes Avelia, a blockchain-powered digital SAF book-and-claim program—one of the first globally. Avelia ensures transparent tracking of SAF’s environmental attributes within the aviation fueling network, providing verified emissions reductions for airlines and business customers without double counting.

WestJet remains dedicated to sustainable aviation alongside providing affordable air travel for Canadians. Their current efforts include reducing emissions intensity, fleet modernization plans, and advocating for domestic production of sustainable aviation fuel in Canada.



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