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MOL launches green hydrogen plant in Hungary

A Hungarian company engaged in operating refineries, petrochemical plants, and service stations across Central and Eastern Europe has announced plans to commence commercial operations of a 10-MW green hydrogen production facility in Százhalombatta, Hungary.

MOL Group, headquartered in Budapest, disclosed that the plant will annually generate 1,600 tonnes of hydrogen using electricity sourced from renewable energy. This initiative, situated at the Danube Refinery, represents an investment of €22 million ($23.45 million) and stands as the largest green hydrogen production facility in the region. The project is aligned with MOL Group’s long-term corporate strategy, named SHAPE TOMORROW, aimed at achieving carbon neutrality and promoting sustainability.

József Molnár, CEO of MOL Group, highlighted the significance of this achievement during the recent inauguration of the plant. He emphasized that the company can now produce green hydrogen without generating greenhouse gases, achieving emissions reductions equivalent to removing around 5,500 cars from the road overnight. Molnár also noted that while the current focus is on improving MOL’s industrial operations, the technology holds promise for wider industry and hydrogen mobility applications. The company plans to replicate this technology at its other two fuel production units to enhance sustainability across all MOL Group refineries.

The adoption of this new plant is anticipated to curtail the refinery’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 25,000 tonnes annually.



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