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University Don charges indigenous auto makers to stand on developed economies’ biodiesel technology

Professor Segun Kevin Otoikhian emphasized the need for indigenous automobile manufacturers, first-time investors, and established plants in Nigeria to follow the lead of similar firms in Indonesia, Brazil, and the USA, which have integrated biodiesel technology into their economies.

According to Prof. Otoikhian, adopting this initiative would help Nigeria regain its position as the leading nation in Africa by setting a precedent and shifting the perception of diesel from fossil-based to green, paving the way for a sustainable future.

Speaking during the 14th inaugural lecture series at Edo State University, Uzairue, titled “Green Diesel For A Green Future,” the professor highlighted the importance of biodiesel production as a viable alternative to traditional fuel due to its non-toxic nature, environmental friendliness, and lower carbon and sulfur emissions, among other benefits.

He noted that biodiesel alternatives to fossil fuels have garnered increased attention for their advantages, including flexibility in feedstock and catalysts.

Professor Otoikhian also emphasized the potential of wasted edible oil from restaurants as a highly promising raw material for biodiesel production.

Despite substantial research conducted in West Africa and neighboring countries on biodiesel and bioenergy production, the implementation of biodiesel has remained relatively limited, he added.



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