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JNK India to set up first Green Hydrogen fuel station In India

JNK India is set to establish the first green hydrogen fuel station in India, utilizing working capital. Currently, the company serves markets in Africa, the Middle East, and Russia. According to ETNow, 40% of their revenue is generated from domestic markets.

The core business of JNK India involves manufacturing heating equipment for industries such as petrochemicals, fertilizer, and oil and gas refineries. The company has expanded into flares and incineration systems and is now venturing into the renewable energy sector, specifically focusing on green hydrogen, as highlighted by Swastika Investmart.

JNK India’s Rs 650 crore initial public offering (IPO) commenced today for bidding. The company is offering shares priced between Rs 395-415 each. Interested investors can bid for a minimum of 36 equity shares and in multiples thereafter. The bidding process will close on Thursday, April 25.

India’s potential in green hydrogen electrolyzers is forecasted to surge to $78 billion by 2050, a significant increase from $4 billion in 2030, according to the latest report titled ‘Green Hydrogen for Decarbonizing Asia’s Industrial Giants’ by the Asia Society Policy Institute.

India’s focus on moving towards green hydrogen shows its dedication to sustainable development. By adopting this clean energy option, India aims to lower carbon emissions and enhance energy security. Through a mix of supportive policies, new technologies, and partnerships, India is ready to be a leader in the global shift to green hydrogen.



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