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Sweden: Bright Renewables announces country’s first biogas CCU facility

Bright Renewables, a Dutch provider of clean energy technology, has secured a technical contract from Tekniska Verken, a Swedish multi-utility energy company, for the provision of CO2 liquefaction technology.

The technology will purify and convert carbon dioxide (CO2) from biogas production into liquid form and will be implemented at the Svensk Biogas plant in Linköping.

The plant is anticipated to yield 20,000 tons of bioCO2 of food-grade quality annually and is slated for completion by the summer of 2025.

This initiative marks Sweden’s first carbon capture and utilization (CCU) facility utilizing biogas.

Niraj Kunkulol, Bright Renewables’ representative for the Scandinavian market, emphasized the benefits of CO2 liquefaction technology, stating, “By extracting CO2 from biogas refinement, we prevent its release into the atmosphere, thereby curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, this technology yields high-quality bioCO2 suitable for various industries, such as food and beverages.”

Furthermore, he highlighted, “Integrating a CO2 liquefier into clean energy systems not only enhances carbon intensity metrics but also improves overall efficiency. Utilizing CO2 as a natural refrigerant in lieu of Freon or ammonia contributes to sustainability efforts. Specifically in biogas applications, it optimizes methane utilization while minimizing methane leakage. We are pleased to witness these advancements bolster resource efficiency for Tekniska Verken.”



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