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P6 Technologies announces launch of Life Cycle Assessment software for biogas

On May 2, P6 Technologies Inc., a leading provider of life cycle analysis (LCA) software for renewable fuels, biogas, and chemical companies, announced the launch of its cloud-based LCA for biogas software solution. This release represents a significant achievement for P6, considering the rapid expansion of the biogas market, which demands scalable enterprise solutions. The introduction of the P6 LCA for Biogas solution positions the company for accelerated growth, as it develops software solutions crucial for expediting the reduction of emissions, such as methane from dairy farms. This solution by P6 aids companies in assessing both existing and new sites, generating regulatory documentation, and monitoring site performance post-operationalization, reported Biomass Magzine.

Travis Lane, CEO of Calgren Renewable Fuels, commented, “We selected P6 because they are developing a solution specifically tailored for biofuels, and we required an enterprise-grade solution to automate and simplify life cycle analysis for our RNG sites. Additionally, Calgren can leverage the tool’s capability to conduct scenario analysis and forecasting.”

Renewable natural gas (RNG) is generated by biogas facilities and then injected into existing natural gas pipelines, making it available for general consumption. Some RNG is also utilized to power generators linked to the local power grid. This implies that households may be utilizing natural gas or electricity derived from local farms processing manure, landfills managing waste, wastewater facilities, or even restaurants or farms converting organic food waste into biogas.



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