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Dutch supplier FincoEnergies supplies HAL B100 marine biodiesel for pilot test

According to the news report published by Argus Media, Dutch supplier FincoEnergies has supplied shipowner Holland America Line (HAL) with B100 marine biodiesel at the port of Rotterdam for a pilot test.

This initiative stems from a collaboration between HAL, FincoEnergies’ subsidiary GoodFuels, and engine manufacturer Wartsila to assess blends of B30 and B100 marine biodiesel.

As per news report, HAL’s vessel, the Rotterdam, was bunkered with B100 on April 27 before embarking on a journey through the Norwegian heritage fjords to evaluate the use of the biofuel. The vessel will employ one of its four engines to burn B100, which is projected to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 86% on a well-to-wake basis compared to conventional fossil fuel marine gasoil (MGO), as stated by GoodFuels. HAL confirmed that no modifications to the engine or fuel structure are needed for the combustion of B100. The B100 marine biodiesel blend is composed of sustainable feedstock such as waste fats and oils.

The companies did not disclose the quantity of B100 supplied or whether this marks the beginning of a longer-term supply agreement.

In April, Argus evaluated the price of B100 advanced fatty acid methyl ester (Fame) 0°C cold filter plugging point dob ARA—an assessed price that incorporates a deduction of the value of Dutch HBE-G renewable fuel tickets—at an average of $1,177.32 per tonne. This represents a premium of $410.20 per tonne over MGO dob ARA prices for the same month, which decreases to $321.68 per tonne when EU emissions trading system (ETS) costs for the same period are factored in.



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