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Nitin Gadkari urges State governments to promote production and use of ethanol as an alternative fuel source

Belgavi: Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, has called upon State governments to actively promote the production and utilization of ethanol as an alternative fuel, emphasizing its dual benefits of environmental conservation and support for farmers, reported The Hindu.

During a rally where he inaugurated various road development projects, the Union Minister expressed India’s commitment not only to employing ethanol for its vehicles but also to emerging as a global leader in ethanol exports. Gadkari envisions a future where vehicles powered by ethanol and methanol contribute to a reduction in environmental pollution and enhance the economic well-being of farmers.

Gadkari encouraged farmers in sugarcane-producing regions, such as Belagavi, to view themselves not just as suppliers of raw materials to sugar industries but also as energy producers. He highlighted the potential for ethanol production and profitability for these farmers, emphasizing the growth of the ethanol economy in areas like Belagavi.

Addressing the increase in sugarcane cultivation in Belagavi and other districts, Gadkari underscored the significant opportunities for ethanol production. He urged stakeholders to capitalize on this prospect, envisioning a collaborative effort between farmers and industries in fostering ethanol production.

The Union Minister revealed the government’s plans to facilitate the establishment of a higher number of ethanol-based fuel pumps along roads and highways, further promoting the adoption of ethanol as a mainstream fuel.



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