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Nigeria: Biodiesel emerges as key player in alternative fuel market, says Edo State University professor

Professor Segun Kevin Otoikhian, a Chemical Engineering professor at Edo State University, Uzaire, highlighted the growing prominence of biodiesel over biogas, bioethanol, and other alternative fuels due to its comparative advantages over fossil fuels.

He emphasized that bioethanol, being the most widely used biofuel globally, plays a significant role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by replacing fossil fuels. Otoikhian pointed out its compatibility with current engines and ease of mixing with petrol as key advantages.

Additionally, he underscored biodiesel’s viability as an alternative fuel, noting its non-toxic nature, environmental friendliness, and lower carbon and sulphur emissions. He emphasized its contribution to environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

During his lecture titled “Green Diesel For A Green Future,” Otoikhian emphasized biodiesel’s flexibility in feedstock and catalysts. He highlighted wasted edible oil from restaurants as a promising raw material for biodiesel production due to its lower economic costs compared to pure vegetable oils and widespread availability.

Otoikhian argued that Africa’s heavy reliance on fossil fuels stems from the lack of biodiesel production facilities, hindering renewable energy progress significantly.

He also noted the limited execution of biodiesel production in West Africa despite substantial research efforts in the region and neighboring countries.

In his remarks, Vice Chancellor Engr (Prof.) Emmanuel Aluyor lauded the university’s commitment to academic excellence and technology-driven educational resources. He emphasized the institution’s recognition both locally and internationally, attributing it to their unwavering dedication to quality education.



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