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GAIL commissions its first green hydrogen plant under national green hydrogen mission

GAIL (Gas Authority of India Ltd) inaugurated its first green hydrogen plant on Friday in Madhya Pradesh, marking a significant move towards alternative energy in alignment with the National Green Hydrogen Mission.

The inauguration was led by Pankaj Jain, Secretary of the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, along with GAIL Chairman and Managing Director Sandeep Gupta.

GAIL reports that this plant can produce 4.3 TPD of hydrogen using 10MW PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) Electrolyzer units, through the electrolysis of water powered by renewable energy. The hydrogen produced will have a purity of 99.999% (by volume) and will be generated at a pressure of 30 Kg/cm².

Initially, the hydrogen from this plant will be combined with natural gas and used as fuel in various processes and equipment at the existing plant in Vijaipur.

In the future, the hydrogen will be distributed to retail customers in nearby areas and transported using high-pressure cascades.

GAIL is also sourcing renewable power through open access and is setting up approximately 20 MW of solar power plants at Vijaipur (both ground-mounted and floating) to provide green power for the 10 MW PEM Electrolyzer.

The National Green Hydrogen Mission, a key initiative by the Government of India, aims to promote green hydrogen technologies in the country. With a goal of achieving 5 million tonnes of annual green hydrogen production capacity by 2030, this mission is a crucial step in advancing India’s hydrogen economy.

The government has already made considerable progress, awarding tenders for incentives to support the production of 412,000 tonnes of green hydrogen annually. Additionally, tenders for establishing electrolyzer manufacturing capacity of 1,500 MW per year have been awarded, enhancing India’s ability to produce green hydrogen on a large scale.



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