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MNRE calls proposals for approval of innovative and new design based small biogas plants

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has invited proposals/applications from developers/manufacturers/organizations, universities, R&D institutions, industry, or any other competent group engaged in manufacturing/development of small biogas plants (1 to 25 Cubic Meter biogas generation per day capacity), of innovative & new design and/or significant change in existing approved designs leading towards simple, efficient, and cost-effective domestic, community/village-level small-scale biogas usage.

As per the open invitation, the designs may be construction material-based or made of alternative building/construction materials such as HDPE/PVC/LLDPE/Low-Cost Polyethylene and/or any other eco-friendly & durable but with standard and virgin quality materials. The proposed biogas plants should be suitable for Indian climatic conditions and should be able to process various feedstocks/organic wastes for anaerobic fermentation, which can be run at normal solid contents or at high concentrations for wastes such as cattle dung, biodegradable organic biomass/wastes, and waste from sanitary toilets, kitchen waste, garbage/waste at decentralized locations.

MNRE will provide approval/recognition for such biogas model/design/systems for consideration in the MNRE’s Biogas Programme. Based on the detailed data and proposals submitted, MNRE will analyze, evaluate, and validate the proposals, and based on the laboratory/field evaluation, the promising technology/biogas plant designs may be released in the list of approved models of biogas plants along with all details. Only such approved models of biogas plants will be considered eligible for the benefits under the Biogas Programme of the Ministry.

Proposals must be submitted in the prescribed format available on the MNRE website and are due by April 2, 2024.



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