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H2V and Hy2gen join forces to build New e-SAF plant in France

H2V and Hy2Gen, key players in sustainable energy solutions, have combined their expertise to establish a cutting-edge production unit for e-SAF (synthetic aviation fuels). This collaboration represents a significant step towards promoting eco-friendly practices in aviation. Located strategically in Fos-sur-Mer’s industrial-port zone (Bouches-du-Rhône), the project aims to transform the approach to fuel production in the aviation industry. By utilizing advanced technology and sustainable methods, the partnership seeks to tackle environmental challenges while meeting the rising demand for cleaner energy alternatives in aviation. This initiative underscores a commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility, shaping the future of aviation fuel production.

According to Alexis Martinez, director of H2V, the project unveiled on June 12 in partnership with Hy2Gen marks an integral part of their initiative’s second phase. H2V, specializing in green hydrogen production, has collaborated with the producer of sustainable fuels to integrate a facility for e-SAF into their planned installation in Fos-sur-Mer (Bouches-du-Rhône). Operating temporarily as a consortium, the partnership aims to establish a production capacity of 50,000 tonnes of e-SAF by 2030 on approximately forty hectares of allocated land within the industrial-port zone.

H2V is renowned for its expertise in green hydrogen production and is dedicated to advancing sustainable energy solutions, particularly in fostering environmentally friendly practices within the energy sector. Green hydrogen, generated from renewable sources, is pivotal in reducing carbon emissions and facilitating the shift towards a sustainable energy landscape. H2V focuses on pioneering technologies and infrastructure to support green hydrogen production and its integration across various industrial applications, thereby contributing significantly to global decarbonization efforts and sustainability.

Hy2Gen operates across the entire hydrogen value chain, encompassing the design, construction, ownership, and operation of production facilities. Their integrated approach ensures seamless knowledge transfer between plant design and operational phases. Hy2Gen’s focus lies in renewable hydrogen and its derivatives such as renewable methanol, ammonia, and e-kerosene. They leverage proven, commercially available technologies (TRL 8-9) from reputable global suppliers, customizing them to fit site-specific requirements. These strategically located production sites within industrial zones aim to enhance local and national circular economies, alongside achieving economies of scale. Hy2Gen is committed to advancing renewable hydrogen production and delivering clean fuels like e-fuels (E-Methanol, E-Kerosene) globally, thereby reducing dependence on fossil fuels while promoting sustainable growth in the sector.



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