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Focus on green hydrogen and others: Adani group to invest over $100 billion in energy transition projects

On Wednesday, Adani Group’s chairman announced plans to invest over USD 100 billion in energy transition projects and manufacturing capabilities essential for green energy generation. Besides developing solar parks and wind farms to harness sunlight and wind energy respectively, the conglomerate is establishing major facilities for producing electrolyzers, wind turbines, and solar panels.

Green hydrogen, generated by splitting water using electrolyzers powered by clean energy, is viewed as pivotal for decarbonizing industries and transportation sectors.

Speaking at the ‘Infrastructure – the Catalyst for India’s Future’ event hosted by Crisil, Gautam Adani emphasized that energy transition and digital infrastructure represent trillion-dollar opportunities that will significantly transform both local and global landscapes for India.

“In the coming decade, we plan to invest more than USD 100 billion in the energy transition sector and expand our comprehensive renewable energy value chain, encompassing the manufacturing of all essential components needed for green energy generation,” Adani stated.

He underscored that the energy transition sector will reshape the global energy sector permanently, noting that the global transition market was valued at around USD 3 trillion in 2023, projected to reach nearly USD 6 trillion by 2030, and is expected to double every decade until 2050.



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