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Ethanol boost: Jakson Green to execute world’s first flue gas to ethanol plant in Chhattisgarh

Jakson Green, a new energy transition platform, announced on Wednesday that it has secured an order from NTPC, a state-owned entity, to establish a plant in Lara, Chhattisgarh. This plant will produce 10 tonnes per day (TPD) of 4G ethanol from flue gases emitted by power plants, as detailed in a company statement.

Utilizing Veolia Carbon Clean’s advanced carbon capture technology, the plant will capture 25 TPD of CO2 from flue gases, effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, the facility will generate 3 tonnes per day of green hydrogen through a 7.5 MW electrolyser, according to the statement.

The captured CO2 and produced hydrogen will be processed using advanced microbial fermentation technology from LanzaTech Inc., transforming these components into 4G ethanol. This initiative positions Jakson Green at the forefront of India’s efforts towards a more sustainable future, marking the world’s first flue gas CO2-to-4G ethanol project for a power plant.

Jakson Green, designated as the licensing, engineering, procurement, and construction (LEPC) partner, will lead the project expected to commence operations within two years. The plant’s concept and design were developed by NETRA (NTPC Energy Technology Research Alliance), the research and development arm of NTPC Ltd.

Kannan Krishnan, Joint Managing Director of Jakson Green Private Limited, emphasized, “This partnership builds upon the success of our collaborative ventures… Scaling up ethanol production is critical for India to achieve its blending targets, enhance energy security, and promote a cleaner future.”

With production capacities exceeding 8,500 tonnes per annum of green hydrogen and derivatives across six ongoing projects, Jakson Green is uniquely positioned to drive India’s transition to clean energy and contribute significantly to sustainable development.



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