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Expanding market for biomass would create new sources of revenue for agricultural sector: USDA report

According to a USDA report published on Thursday, expanding the market for biomass-based products, such as furniture, bioplastics, and biofuels, has the potential to generate new revenue streams for the agricultural sector. The report advocates for a comprehensive government-led initiative to stimulate increased production.

During a gathering of the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Council, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack emphasized, “The growing demand for biomass presents a valuable opportunity to diversify markets and boost income for American farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners, particularly in rural regions.” He further stated, “This extensive roadmap will fortify our production and preprocessing systems, providing incentives for producers and manufacturers to utilize biomass in advancing the American bioeconomy.”

Outlined in the report are recommendations for conducting research to evaluate the current biomass market and the availability of biomass crops, conducting trials for new biomass crops, exploring methods for harvesting and utilizing these crops, advancing the development of bio-manufactured and bio-based products, and establishing training programs to equip workers for roles within the biomass industry.

The report also identifies barriers to increased biomass production, noting, “Farmers are reluctant to cultivate crops without assured markets.”



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