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Yatsushiro biomass plant commences operation

Toyota Tsusho Corporation has announced the completion of the Yatsushiro Biomass Power Plant in Japan by Kumamoto Forest Generation, LLC, with commercial operations commencing on June 16.

Kumamoto Forest Generation is jointly owned by Toyota Tsusho Group’s subsidiary, Ene-Vision Co., Ltd., along with Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc., and Toho Gas Co., Ltd. The facility, a wood-burning biomass power plant, is designed to generate 75,000 kW of power annually, primarily using unused wood from Kumamoto Prefecture as its fuel source. It aims to produce approximately 480 million kWh annually.

Toyota Tsusho highlighted that through the operation of this plant, Kumamoto Forest Generation will actively pursue initiatives aimed at achieving carbon neutrality and contribute to the establishment of a sustainable, recycling-based society.



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