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Vietnam: Erex signs MoU for biomass projects

Erex, headquartered in Tokyo, has entered into an MOU with Lào Cai Province, Vietnam, to explore the development of newly constructed biomass power generation projects and foster a cooperative relationship in the Tang Loong Industrial Area of Bao Thang District, reported Renewable Energy Magzine.

As per media report, a ceremony commemorating this MOU was held between the Company and Lào Cai Province during the Vietnam Tourism Investment Conference in Tokyo on April 23, 2024.

The rising demand for electric power in Southeast Asian countries, driven by economic growth, coupled with increasing energy imports, necessitates a response to decarbonization.

In light of these conditions, the Company is actively involved in energy development projects, such as the construction of biomass power plants in Vietnam, the development of biomass fuels in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, and the conversion of fuel through biomass co-firing at coal-fired power plants. These initiatives are based on the Company’s biomass power generation business, which enables both decarbonization and the domestic sourcing of energy resources.

Given the abundance of unused biomass resources in Southeast Asian countries, there is significant potential for the introduction of renewable energy. The Company believes that its accumulated experience can be leveraged in this regard. Moreover, it anticipates that its biomass business will not only increase the proportion of renewable energy in Southeast Asian countries but also contribute to job creation.

The Company is committed to facilitating low-cost and rapid decarbonization while ensuring a stable energy supply, taking into account the unique circumstances of Asian countries.

In pursuit of the goal of “Zero Emissions 2050,” the Company aims to contribute to global decarbonization and address energy challenges by expanding its biomass business through collaboration with leading domestic and international companies.



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