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Uttar Pradesh: Saharanpur division set for facelift with investments in ethanol, power transmission and other projects

Lucknow: The Saharanpur division of Uttar Pradesh is set undergo transformation with the launch of 14 significant projects valued at over Rs 50 crore each, spanning across Muzaffarnagar, Shamli, and Saharanpur districts, during the groundbreaking ceremony (GBC 4.0) held recently, the chief minister’s office said in a press release.

These projects, totalling Rs 5435 crore, are poised to create over 10,000 job opportunities. They encompass diverse sectors such as ethanol production, solid waste management, power transmission, private industrial ventures, wooden handicrafts, hospitality, distilleries, and rebar manufacturing.

“Under the Saharanpur division, the Muzaffarnagar district has emerged as the prime destination for investment through GBC@4.0, witnessing significant success in bringing investments to fruition. Five projects, each exceeding Rs 50 crore, are set to inject a total of Rs 2,811 crore into the district, facilitating the creation of 1,420 job opportunities,” the press release said.

Among the notable investors in Muzaffarnagar, GC India Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is spearheading investment in Solid Waste Management with a whopping Rs 1,480 crore, expected to generate around 500 jobs.

“Reshu Advertising Pvt. Ltd. is investing Rs 600 crore in manufacturing Diwali puja boxes, leading to 150 employment opportunities. Saptam Decor Pvt. Ltd. is investing Rs 301 crore in wood-based product manufacturing, aiming to create 300 employment opportunities. Swaroop Steel Industry Pvt. Ltd. has committed Rs 270 crore for TMT sariya manufacturing, anticipating 325 employment opportunities. Additionally, Alcobulls Ltd. has invested Rs 160 crore in constructing a distillery, paving the way for 145 employment opportunities,” the press release further said.

Among the three districts comprising the Saharanpur division, the district headquarters, Saharanpur, is poised to offer the highest employment prospects. Projects totaling Rs 1,314 crore are expected to create 7,249 employment opportunities in this district. Notably, four projects exceeding Rs 50 crore each are underway.

Leading the investment front in Saharanpur is the Saharanpur Handicraft Development Center, which is investing Rs 604 crore in the export of wooden handicrafts, projected to generate 2,000 employment opportunities. Additionally, Pulatsya Industrial Park Limited is investing Rs 500 crore in establishing a private industrial park, aiming to create 5,000 employment opportunities.

Further contributing to employment growth, an investment of Rs 130 crore is being made by Cosmos Infra Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. in the field of commercial plot development, which will create 150 jobs. Furthermore, Synergy Teltech Pvt. Ltd. is investing Rs 80 crore to establish a CBG plant, expected to create approximately 100 job opportunities.

Investors have demonstrated a keen interest in Shamli, the third district of the Saharanpur division, with investments totalling Rs 1,310 crore. These investments are expected to create 2,000 job opportunities through five companies investing more than Rs 50 crore each.

Among these investments, Sikka Paper Pvt. Ltd. is venturing into the paper and paper craft industry with an investment of Rs 400 crore, which will generate 300 employment opportunities. Similarly, Gyanchetna Educational Society’s investment of Rs 300 crore in a medical college is set to provide employment for 1,200 individuals.

Furthermore, M/s Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Ltd. will contribute Rs 165 crore to laying the 400KV Meerut-Shamli DC line, resulting in 50 job opportunities. Superior Biofuels Pvt. Ltd. is investing Rs 125 crore in an Ethanol Plant, expected to employ 350 people.

Additionally, Radisson Palace Group’s construction of a hotel, costing Rs 110 crore, will directly employ 100 individuals.

(With inputs from ANI)



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