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Uttar Pradesh: NTPC achieves 20 per cent torrefied biomass co-firing at Tanda power plant

NTPC, the state-owned power giant, announced on Thursday that it has achieved a 20 percent torrefied biomass co-firing rate at the Tanda thermal plant in Uttar Pradesh. Meanwhile, NTPC Dadri has established co-firing of 7-10 percent non-torrefied biomass with coal, according to a company statement, reported PTI.

The statement highlighted that in order to achieve higher percentages of biomass co-firing without significant modifications, the Energy Transition and Policy Research Division of NTPC Engineering explored the use of torrefied biomass.

As per the statement, NTPC has reached a significant milestone by successfully demonstrating co-firing of 20 percent torrefied biomass at Unit-4 at the Tanda thermal plant in Uttar Pradesh.

This initiative marks a pioneering effort in the Indian power sector, demonstrating NTPC’s dedication to decarbonizing existing coal-fired fleets and advancing towards net-zero emission goals.

Torrefied biomass, produced through heating biomass in the absence of oxygen, shares characteristics similar to coal, allowing for higher co-firing rates without major system modifications.

Currently, the Gross Calorific Value (GCV) and cost of torrefied biomass pellets are comparable to that of imported coal.

NTPC’s decarbonization efforts involve exploring biomass co-firing in both existing and new coal power plants.

The statement emphasized that each percentage of biomass co-firing has the potential to reduce carbon emissions by approximately the same percentage. Furthermore, biomass co-firing helps alleviate air pollution resulting from the direct burning of crop residue by farmers in fields.



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