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Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia inaugurates India’s first green hydrogen plant in stainless steel sector

New Delhi: Union Minister of Civil Aviation & Steel, Jyotiraditya M. Scindia, addressed a gathering at the inauguration of India’s first green hydrogen plant within the stainless steel sector in a landmark moment for India’s industrial landscape.

The inauguration ceremony marked a milestone in India’s journey towards sustainable industrial practices, with the Jindal Stainless’ Green Hydrogen project paving the way for a greener, eco-friendlier future.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Minister Scindia expressed his immense pleasure at inaugurating the first green hydrogen plant, which symbolizes the collaborative efforts of two innovative powerhouses, Jindal Stainless and Hygiene Co.

He emphasized the pivotal role played by this project in not only revolutionizing the steel sector in India but also setting a benchmark for sustainable practices across the globe.

Scindia said, “It gives me tremendous pleasure to inaugurate this first green hydrogen plant which is a coming together of two innovative Park baking firms in the form of Jindal stainless and hygiene co steering the path for the steel sector not only within India but in many ways across the world”.

Reflecting on the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Minister Scindia highlighted the resilience demonstrated by nations worldwide in overcoming this adversity.

He underscored the importance of reinvigorating trade, commerce, and economies as the world emerges from the pandemic, with a focus on generating employment opportunities and improving the quality of life for people globally.

Scindia said, “The world has seen a very difficult period in the last two to three years, facing COVID. A period that probably the globe has not seen in the last 100 years as we come out of this very difficult period of the pandemic as we reinvigorate ourselves by furthering trade, commerce or economies, through that employment, better lives for people across the world, and return to normalcy or greater heights.”

Drawing inspiration from Prime Minister Modi’s vision for India, Minister Scindia emphasized the importance of seizing opportunities in critical sectors such as the national green hydrogen mission, semiconductors, drones, and others.

He stressed the need for proactive leadership in harnessing these opportunities to propel India towards becoming a global leader in innovation and technology.

“As PM Modi said to us that- whether it is the area of national green hydrogen mission, whether it is the area of semiconductors We just started about two new plants being set up for wafers in India, where there’s the area of drones, So we must catch opportunities early as responsible leaders of the world harvest those opportunities and become world leaders in those areas,” said Minister Scindia.

Minister Scindia further emphasized the pivotal role of the steel sector in India’s journey towards becoming a dominant global economic power.

He highlighted India’s current status as the fifth-largest economy and projected its ascent to surpass Germany and Japan within the next three to four years, solidifying its position as the third-largest economy globally.

He said, “And I do believe that the steel sector has a very pivotal fundamental role to play in India’s emergence as a world power. We are today the fifth largest economy in the next three to four years. We will be ahead of Germany and Japan. To become the third largest economy.”

The inauguration of India’s first green hydrogen plant within the stainless steel sector represents a significant leap forward in India’s quest for sustainable development and economic growth.



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