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Ukraine: OKKO group to build bioethanol and biodiesel plants

Vasyl Danylyak, CEO of the OKKO group, announced plans to commence their inaugural wind energy project with a capacity of 150 MW in Volyn during the autumn, reported Ukraine Business News.

Furthermore, the group has procured the necessary equipment for the construction of an energy storage facility.

Danylyak elaborated on the company’s two-year efforts in formulating a biofuel processing strategy, yielding significant progress. The concept for a bioethanol plant was endorsed by the end of last year, with current development focused on a biodiesel plant. Preparations are underway for the construction of a bioethanol plant in the Ternopil region, projected to produce 83,000 tons annually within two years, according to the OKKO CEO.

The company clarified that its foray into the agricultural sector aims to secure a partial supply of raw materials for future bioethanol and biodiesel plants, with eventual expansion into biomethane production.



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