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TruAlt Bioenergy Limited becomes member of the World Economic Forum, paving way for collaborative solutions in the Bioenergy Sector

Bangalore (Karnataka): TruAlt Bioenergy Limited, announces its membership with the World Economic Forum. The ceremonial signing took place against the backdrop of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2024 in Davos, Switzerland and was attended by Vijay Nirani, Managing Director of TruAlt Bioenergy, and Roberto Bocca, Head of Centre for Energy and Materials and Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum.

The World Economic Forum’s commitment to facilitating progress on systemic challenges is taken forward through its 10 Centres, each applying the institution’s unique combination of impact methods to drive holistic efforts. TruAlt Bioenergy Limited has gained membership in one of these Centres, the Centre for Energy and Materials, underscoring its commitment to sustainable energy solutions and global collaboration. TruAlt specializes in the production of ethanol, compressed biogas, sustainable aviation fuel, and fermented organic manure, contributing significantly to the advancement of renewable energy sources.

The World Economic Forum, known for its role as an international organization for public-private cooperation, serves as a platform for leaders from various sectors to address global challenges and drive positive change. Through its Centre for Energy and Materials, the Forum focuses on fostering dialogue and collaboration to address critical energy-related issues and promote sustainable energy solutions.

Speaking on the occasion, Vijay Nirani, Founder and Managing Director of TruAlt Bioenergy, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: “Our association with the World Economic Forum marks the beginning of a relationship spanning over decades between our two organizations. We aim to accomplish significant milestones together in terms of energy independence, driving the journey towards a biofuel-based economy, and empowering rural populations.”

Nirani further emphasized the potential for collaboration between TruAlt Bioenergy and the World Economic Forum in developing innovative solutions for the global bioenergy sector. He highlighted the importance of leveraging collective expertise and resources in addressing complex energy challenges and accelerating the transition to sustainable energy sources.

“We welcome TruAlt Bioenergy to join the Forum’s network,” says Roberto Bocca, Head of the Centre for Energy and Materials at the World Economic Forum. “We look forward to having TruAlt Bioenergy’s expertise and insights, which will further contribute to our initiatives and support driving the energy transition and transforming industrial ecosystems.

As a member of the World Economic Forum, TruAlt Bioenergy looks forward to actively participating in discussions, initiatives, and projects aimed at advancing the global energy agenda and fostering inclusive, sustainable development.



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