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Sweco to construct Helsinki’s first Green Hydrogen Production plant

Helen, a Finnish energy company, has selected Sweco as its EPCM partner for its inaugural green hydrogen production plant, scheduled to start operations in 2026. The facility aims to primarily supply hydrogen to the heavy-duty transport sector while achieving exceptional energy efficiency of over 90% by utilizing waste heat from hydrogen production integrated with Helen’s district heating network.

As one of Finland’s largest energy operators, Helen has a longstanding collaboration with Sweco, previously partnering on various heating and cooling plant projects. The upcoming 3H2 Helsinki Hydrogen Hub represents Helen’s first venture into hydrogen investments, featuring a pilot plant with a capacity of approximately three megawatts.

Thomas Hietto, Business Area President of Sweco Finland, highlighted their extensive experience as Helen’s advisor and EPCM partner. He emphasized their established joint operating methods, ensuring smooth project delivery. Hietto expressed excitement about expanding this successful collaboration to leverage Sweco’s significant hydrogen expertise gained from projects across Finland and Europe, supporting Helen’s carbon neutrality goals and contributing to broader green initiatives.

Sweco has been entrusted with leading regional infrastructure planning for the project, encompassing services such as architectural design, structural engineering, and plant layout. They will oversee the entire project execution, including procurement and on-site operations, ensuring seamless integration while upholding high standards of quality and safety.

Sari Mannonen, SVP of New Business and Hydrogen at Helen, underscored the innovative nature of the 3H2 project, integrating electricity, transport, heating, and hydrogen with flexibility across these sectors. Mannonen reaffirmed hydrogen’s strategic importance in Helen’s new business strategy, highlighting their commitment to hydrogen investments and their ongoing collaboration with Sweco in realizing Helsinki’s first green hydrogen production plant.

In advancing the energy transition, Sweco leverages its expertise in renewable energy production, electricity grid expansion, energy efficiency, and emerging technologies such as hydrogen storage, CCS, and CCU. This specialized knowledge enables Sweco to provide comprehensive support to clients navigating the evolving energy landscape, ensuring sustainable and innovative energy solutions.



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