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Spain: Repsol begins large-scale biofuel production at Cartegena plant

Repsol has achieved a significant milestone in the decarbonisation of transport in the Iberian Peninsula by commencing large-scale production of renewable fuels at its industrial complex in Cartagena, Spain.

This facility represents the first of its kind on the Iberian Peninsula dedicated solely to the production of 100% renewable fuels.

The company has made a €250 million investment in constructing the unit, which boasts a production capacity of 250,000 tons per year.

It has the capability to manufacture renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) that can be utilized across various modes of transportation including cars, trucks, buses, ships, and aircraft, leveraging existing refuelling infrastructure.

These renewable fuels are derived from organic waste such as used cooking oil or agri-food waste, effectively giving a second life to these types of residues. They provide a swift and cost-effective solution for decarbonising all transport sectors.

The production of 100% renewable fuels at the Cartagena plant will prevent the emission of 900,000 tons of CO2 annually, achieving a 90% reduction in net emissions compared to the mineral fuels they replace due to their lower carbon intensity.

Juan Abascal, Repsol’s Executive Managing Director of Industrial Transformation and Circular Economy, commented: “With the establishment of this pioneering plant on the Iberian Peninsula, we are advancing further in our journey towards decarbonisation through an innovative technological initiative.”

The new plant will process 300,000 tonnes of organic waste annually, prioritising residues of national and European origin, including used cooking oil.

Repsol holds certification under the ISCC-EU Voluntary Sustainability Scheme and the Spanish National Sustainability Verification System, ensuring traceability and the production of sustainable biofuels in line with Renewable Energy Directive (RED) standards.



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