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Reliance Industries plans to set up more than 50 CBG plants in next two years

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is accelerating its foray into the green energy sector with plans to establish over 50 compressed biogas (CBG) plants in the next two years, according to media report. This ambitious project, estimated to cost upwards of ₹5,000 crore, follows chairman Mukesh Ambani’s announcement at the company’s annual general meeting last year to set up 100 CBG plants within five years, reported The Economic Times.

CBG, a green fuel derived from waste or biomass sources, shares properties similar to compressed natural gas (CNG) and finds applications in automotive, industrial, and commercial sectors.

As per media report, one of the executives said, “RIL has already tendered out over 50 compressed biogas plants to be set up in the next two years and the tender for remaining plants would be floated soon.” The tenders encompass both technology and engineering, procurement, and construction aspects of the project. RIL has also revised its target to set up 106 CBG plants from the initial 100.

Each plant is expected to have a feedstock processing capacity ranging from 250 to 500 tonnes per day, producing CBG in the range of 10 to 20 tonnes per day. The estimated investment for a 10-tonne-per-day plant is approximately Rs 100 crore.

RIL’s in-house team will be responsible for sourcing feedstock for the plants, with discussions underway with multiple sugar mills for sourcing sugarcane press mud and feedstock for CBG production.



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