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Rana Group ventures into Green Hydrogen venture in Egypt

Rana Group is embarking on a green hydrogen production venture in Egypt. The initiative aims to make a significant impact on the renewable energy sector, aligning with worldwide sustainability and decarbonisation goals.

On March 18th, representatives from the Indian engineering and contracting firm met with Yahia El-Watheq Bellah, the Head of the Egyptian Commercial Service (ECS), to explore potential investment opportunities in Egypt. The meeting served as a platform to discuss collaboration between Rana Group and Egyptian businesses across various industries.

During the talks, Rana Group expressed interest in partnering with Egyptian enterprises in areas such as electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing and satellite services for sectors like agriculture, mining, petroleum, and natural gas. Both parties highlighted collaboration as vital for mutual growth and technological advancement, indicating readiness to formalise strategic partnership agreements to benefit both Egypt and India economically and technologically.

This meeting reflects Rana Group’s strategic vision to expand beyond India, particularly targeting Africa for growth. By leveraging its expertise and resources, Rana Group aims to contribute to Egypt’s socio-economic development while enhancing its global presence and fostering synergistic partnerships.



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