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Portugal: Nordsol and Prodeval announce collaboration to construct state-of-the-art bio-LNG production plant

Nordsol, a leading provider of bio-LNG technology, and Prodeval, renowned for biogas treatment and upgrading solutions, have joined forces to construct an advanced bio-LNG production facility in southern Portugal.

Scheduled to commence operations in early 2025, this plant will cater to an industrial facility in the olive oil production sector, leveraging organic waste to generate clean, renewable energy. The co-location of the biogas plant and bio-LNG installation will optimize the utilization of organic residues from olive oil production.

With an anticipated daily output of 10 tons of bio-LNG and 21 tons of biogenic liquefied CO2 from 1100 nm3/h of biogas, primarily sourced from olive waste water, the facility will facilitate efficient transportation of biomethane to a gasification unit, connecting it directly to the natural gas network. The biomethane will be instrumental in decarbonizing high-temperature, high-pressure industrial processes.

The bio-LNG production process involves upgrading biogas into biomethane using Prodeval’s VALOPUR® membrane technology, followed by its liquefaction into bio-LNG using Nordsol’s innovative, energy-efficient technology. The captured biogenic CO2 will be liquefied using Prodeval’s V’COOL® FG system, finding applications in the food and beverage industry to replace CO2 from fossil resources.

This project integrates Prodeval’s biogas upgrading and CO2 liquefaction systems with Nordsol’s patented technology for biomethane purification and liquefaction, demonstrating a shared commitment to achieving optimal energy efficiency and production reliability.

Léon Van Bossum, CEO of Nordsol, expressed satisfaction with the collaboration, highlighting its introduction of cutting-edge biogas liquefaction technology in Portugal. Sébastien Paolozzi, CEO of Prodeval, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the project’s alignment with their values of promoting biomethane use.



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