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PLI schemes incentivised industries to invest in green hydrogen and other sectors: FM Nirmala Sitharaman

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Tuesday lauded the strong digital public infrastructure and access has been given to all which has brought India at the fore-front in digital transactions. Speaking at Viksit Bharat 2047 Ambassador Campus Dialogue at Pallavaram, the Finance Minister said that in India 43.3 cr transactions are being done every month through digital payment without any charge.

She also spoke about the Production Linked Incentive schemes and how they are benefiting industries in India. Finance Minister Sitharaman said “The Production Linked Incentive (PLI) schemes have incentivised the industries to invest in thorium, solar energy and green hydrogen sector. India has also joined hand with other countries to make progress in the renewable energy sector and in the coming future India will become a leader in the renewable energy sector.”

She said, “The country is becoming a hub of digital infrastructure. Digital public infrastructure has been designed in such a manner that it involves the seller, the buyer and the payment system. 43.3 crore transactions are being conducted digitally per month.”

Speaking at the event, the FM highlighted that today India is producing mobile phones not only for domestic consumption but also for exporting to other countries, and all this happened because of the efforts of the current Indian govt.

Highlighting the achievements of the start-ups in India Sitharaman says that now the start-ups are coming to the space sector also, the government has opened the space sector for private investment and the Indian government is giving opportunities and assistance to the new players. In the interim budget, the government has also allocated 1 lac cr rupees for science and research which will give further boost to the emerging start-ups in India.

Sitharaman highlighted the indicators of the Viksit Bharat. She said that better infrastructure, modern schools and hospitals are the key indicators of Viksit Bharat. The FM said the focus of the Modi Government is to achieve Viksit Bharat goal through the development of infrastructure. (ANI)



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