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Nigeria: University of Ilorin’s professor produces biodiesel from eggshells

Professor Temitope Elizabeth Odetoye, a Chemical Engineering professor at the University of Ilorin in Nigeria, has successfully produced biodiesel through the exploration of chicken eggshell-derived heterogeneous catalysts.

In an interaction with media in Ilorin, Professor Odetoye emphasized that this achievement aligns with the University of Ilorin’s commitment to developing indigenous technology that can contribute to the socio-economic advancement of Nigeria.

She elaborated that the biodiesel was produced through a ‘transesterification experiment’.

In her recent 253rd Inaugural Lecture, Professor Odetoye revealed that the yield demonstrated eggshells as an affordable and promising catalyst source for biodiesel production.

The esteemed scholar highlighted that utilizing eggshells can create value within the poultry industry by reducing waste.

Professor Odetoye underscored biodiesel’s status as a sustainable fuel alternative but acknowledged that its high production cost compared to fossil fuels is a significant challenge.

She defined biofuel as fuel derived from biomass, encompassing various forms like biocrude, biodiesel, bio-oil, biogas, bioethanol, biosyngas, and bioslurry fuels.

Furthermore, Professor Odetoye emphasized Nigeria’s rich resources of lignocellulosic biomass residues that can be explored using environmentally friendly methods.

She emphasized that open burning of biomass residues contributes to environmental pollution, particularly during the dry season.

Professor Odetoye advocated for biomass waste pyrolysis as a viable method to convert waste into valuable resources, creating opportunities for skilled engineers and technicians.

Ultimately, widespread adoption of these sustainable fuels can significantly improve Nigeria’s physical environment, promoting healthier living conditions.



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