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Neste welcomes French government’s decision to approve sales of transport fuels from 100% renewable raw materials in France

Neste applauds the French government’s decision to authorize the sale of transport fuels derived from 100% renewable sources, including renewable diesel (also known as “HVO100”), at fuel stations. Previously, such sales were restricted to logistics firms with dedicated fuel networks, excluding the general public. This policy change now permits the unrestricted sale and use of HVO100 fuels, such as Neste’s renewable diesel, across all consumer segments in France, according to the Press Release.

“We are delighted by the French government’s approval of 100% renewable transport fuels for sale at all fuel stations, including renewable diesel. This marks a significant stride in combating climate change, enabling private vehicle fleets and individual consumers to adopt this product and immediately reduce their greenhouse gas emissions,” said Claudia Stuckmann-Invernizzi, Vice President of Public Affairs.

Neste’s commitment to lowering emissions in the transport sector was demonstrated in November 2023 through agreements with two fuel distributors to distribute Neste MY Renewable Diesel in France. Fuels like Neste MY Renewable Diesel™, derived entirely from renewable sources, offer a readily available solution for emissions reduction. Widely accessible, they contribute to lowering emissions from both light-duty and heavy-duty vehicle fleets across Europe and beyond, playing a crucial role in sustainable mobility.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel can achieve greenhouse gas emission reductions of up to 75% to 95%* throughout its lifecycle compared to fossil diesel. It is fully compatible with all diesel engines and existing fuel distribution infrastructure, serving as a seamless drop-in replacement for fossil diesel. Its use at 100% concentration requires no modifications to vehicles or engines, a compatibility endorsed by vehicle and engine manufacturers.

The exact reduction in GHG emissions varies depending on region-specific legislation governing calculation methodologies (e.g., EU RED II 2018/2001/EU for Europe and US California LCFS for the US) and the raw material composition used in product manufacturing for each market.



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