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Minister: Malaysia eyes Green Hydrogen competing with Petrol by 2050

The Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation states that green hydrogen fuel could potentially rival petrol by 2050 once Malaysia establishes its own hydrogen economy ecosystem. Minister Chang Lih Kang emphasizes that transitioning to green hydrogen aligns with Malaysia’s goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

To accomplish this, Malaysia needs to develop both the demand and supply for green hydrogen domestically, which necessitates the establishment of hydrogen plants. Minister Chang acknowledges that the pricing of green hydrogen has yet to be determined due to the absence of operational plants and commercialization, resulting in relatively high costs. However, efforts are underway to address this issue.

Minister Chang suggests that once green hydrogen production reaches commercial scale, it could compete with petrol, albeit considering Malaysia’s significant petrol subsidies. He expresses confidence that by 2050, green hydrogen could indeed become a viable alternative to petrol.

The ministry recently demonstrated the Mobile Hydrogen Refueling Unit (MHRU) and showcased the usage of Toyota Mirai, a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) that operates on hydrogen, emitting only water as a byproduct.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim attended the event and traveled to the Prime Minister’s office in a Toyota Mirai, highlighting the government’s support for hydrogen technology.

Chang reveals Malaysia’s plans to develop a hydrogen economy, including the construction of two hydrogen plants. The government aims to leverage the hydrogen economy, targeting approximately RM12 billion in green hydrogen exports by 2026, with initial export destinations being Japan and Korea.

Collaboration with the private sector is also a key aspect of Malaysia’s strategy to strengthen its economic ecosystem in hydrogen-related industries.

Chang announces plans to launch an MHRU in Putrajaya by the end of the year. He further highlights the advantages of green hydrogen vehicles, including quick refueling times, extensive range, and lighter weight compared to other electric vehicles.



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