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Malakoff Corporation launches biomass co-firing project

Malakoff Corporation, a leading Malaysian energy group, has recently commenced its biomass co-firing venture at the Tanjung Bin Power Plant (TBPP), a 2,100 MW coal-fired facility located in Pontian, Johor. The goal is to incorporate up to 15% biomass alongside coal by 2027.

This initiative, a pivotal component of the National Energy Transition Roadmap (NETR), underscores Malakoff’s dedication to supporting Malaysia’s objective of slashing carbon intensity by 45% by 2030 and elevating the renewable capacity mix from 40% to 70% by 2050.

Following a successful trial run involving up to 0.5% biomass co-firing in December 2022, the company has now completed the construction and commissioning of its 2% biomass co-firing facility in the first quarter of 2024. The plan is to incrementally increase co-firing levels to 5% by 2025, ultimately achieving a target capacity of at least 15% by 2027.

The introduction of a 15% biomass co-firing initiative alongside coal is poised to significantly curb carbon dioxide emissions, which is estimated to be equivalent to planting approximately 141 million mature trees.

This strategic move aligns with Malaysia’s commitment to fostering an equitable energy transition, aiming for a more sustainable economy that provides inclusive opportunities, employment, and addresses the Energy Trilemma of security, sustainability, and affordability. Malakoff is actively exploring cutting-edge Japanese and European technologies for biomass co-firing and handling equipment to optimize efficiency during commercial deployment.



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