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Kent awarded FEED contract for Sustainable Aviation Fuel project

Kent has secured the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) contract for Fulcrum BioEnergy’s NorthPoint project, aiming to convert 600,000 tonnes of waste into 100 million litres of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Fulcrum, focused on producing net-zero transport fuels from waste, has its first US facility and expands globally with its UK project.

Building on previous collaboration, Kent will provide engineering services, cost estimates, critical procurement item identification, and project planning. This supports the tendering process for EPC contracts and advances the project towards a financial investment decision (FID). Kent’s scope includes process units, utilities, connections, and waste feedstock receipt.

Usman Darr, Kent’s UK Managing Director of Engineering, emphasized their commitment to Fulcrum’s project, crucial for the UK’s journey to Net Zero.

Paul Hubbard, Fulcrum BioEnergy Project Director, expressed satisfaction with Kent’s involvement, anticipating successful completion of FEED engineering to advance Fulcrum’s objectives and contribute to aviation decarbonization.



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