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Japan’s Idemitsu and Air Water plans to supply B5 biodiesel to domestic construction company Kashima

Japanese refiner Idemitsu and industrial gas supplier Air Water have teamed up to supply B5 biodiesel to Kashima, a domestic construction company in Hokkaido prefecture, starting in mid-June, reported Argus

Kashima will use B5 biodiesel, a blend of 5% biodiesel and conventional diesel, to power its construction machinery and generators, with an anticipated annual consumption of up to 1,600 kilolitres. While the exact reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from using B5 biodiesel is uncertain, it typically lowers emissions by 5% compared to traditional diesel,

Idemitsu will produce diesel at its Hokkaido refinery, and Air Water will manufacture biodiesel using used cooking oil collected from Seicomart convenience stores in Hokkaido, blending it with Idemitsu’s diesel. Idemitsu will ensure the quality of the B5 biodiesel and supply it to Kashima.

Looking ahead, Idemitsu plans to expand its biodiesel distribution beyond Hokkaido, although specific plans were not disclosed.

As part of its decarbonization strategy, Idemitsu aims to establish supply chains for sustainable aviation fuels, biodiesel, and biomass-based petrochemical products by 2030. Earlier, the company conducted a trial using biofuel made from blending fatty acid methyl ester and heavy fuel oil on a vessel in Hokkaido between February and March 2023.



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