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Gujarat plans to launch “Green Hydrogen Policy”

Gujarat is on track to achieve its goal of generating 60% of the nation’s green hydrogen by 2030. To aim the same, the state is working on launching a “Green Hydrogen policy” and initiating pilot programs to blend hydrogen with Piped Natural Gas (PNG). 

As per news report published in The Hindu Businessline, a state government official said, “Our target is to produce 3 MMPTA (million metric tonne per annum) of green hydrogen by 2030. This adds up to more than half of the 5 MMPTA target set by the country. Hence, we are nearing the launch of a new Green Hydrogen policy.” The policy aims to promote electrolyser manufacturing, ensuring equitable opportunities for both major players and MSMEs.

The policy is anticipated to be unveiled post the Lok Sabha elections. Pilot projects are already underway, including a collaboration between Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC) and Gujarat Power Corporation Ltd (GPCL) for a green hydrogen blending project in North Gujarat.

“In Patan, GSPC and GPCL plan to blend two percent hydrogen with residential PNG supply, supported by a 100 MW solar power project. We will be evacuating this power through the discom. We will set up an electrolyser near Sabarmati Gas and give hydrogen to them for blending,” the official stated.

As per media report, similarly, GSPC and NTPC are planning a project in Surat, and GPCL is in discussions with ONGC for a project at Mehsana.

The state estimates an investment of ₹20 billion by 2030 to establish 1 MMPTA of green hydrogen capacity. “We are currently assessing the costs and capacities of electrolysers, which are pivotal in these ventures,” the official concluded.



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