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Global leaders convene to shape future of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies

The 41st Steering Committee Meeting of the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE) has begun in New Delhi. The inaugural day of this five-day event commenced with the IPHE Academic Outreach session held at IIT Delhi on March 18th, 2024. During this session, conference attendees shared invaluable insights into the future prospects of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

During the opening session, Prof. Ajay Sood, Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India, underscored the importance of collaborative efforts to enhance the affordability and environmental sustainability of hydrogen technology. He emphasised the significance of skill development and research and development (R&D) in this sector, noting the involvement of various ministries of the Indian government in promoting the adoption of Green Hydrogen.

Highlighting the urgency of addressing climate change, Sudeep Jain, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, stressed the necessity for collaboration between academia and research institutions to drive the energy transition and advance the hydrogen sector. He advocated for a shift from grey hydrogen to green hydrogen.

In his welcome address, Ajay Yadav, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, emphasised the importance of Green Hydrogen as a future alternative fuel and outlined the Government of India’s initiatives under the National Green Hydrogen Mission.

The IPHE Academic Outreach included two insightful panel discussions. The first panel, titled “Empowering Expertise: Cultivating Skill Development in the Clean/Green Hydrogen Arena,” emphasised the importance of skill development and safety standards in the green hydrogen sector. The second panel, titled “Unveiling the Future: Clean/Green Hydrogen Technologies and Its Transformative Applications,” explored the transformative potential of clean/green hydrogen across various industries, highlighting the need for technological advancements and regulatory frameworks to reduce costs and increase demand.



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