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eSAF producer Twelve launches ‘Fuel for the Long Haul’ campaign

Twelve, a sustainable aviation fuel manufacturer, has launched its ‘Fuel for the Long Haul’ campaign to mark the upcoming debut of its eSAF product in the market. The California-based company’s eSAF, also known as power-to-liquid SAF (PtL SAF), is derived from CO2, water, and renewable energy. According to Twelve, this production method requires up to 1,000 times less water and 30 times less land compared to other biofuels and SAF options currently available.

The campaign will be promoted through out-of-home advertising, print media, digital platforms, installations, and online/in-person events. Twelve aims to enhance awareness and foster dialogue among industry leaders and travelers alike, advocating the advantages of its preferred production approach.

Nicholas Flanders, CEO and co-founder of Twelve, highlighted, “Innovation, connection, and education are central to the ‘Fuel for the Long Haul’ campaign. This initiative celebrates our achievements and, importantly, calls on the industry to join us in this crucial mission.”



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