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EnviTec Biogas enters Swedish biogas market

EnviTec Biogas has made its debut in the Swedish biogas market with its EnviThan gas upgrading system, reported Bioenergy Insight.

Vårgårda-Herrljunga Biogas is expanding its biogas facility by adding another biogas plant that complies with the prescribed DIN standard for vehicle fuel.

The new gas upgrading plant is initially designed to handle 402 Nm³ per hour of biomethane (equivalent to 600 Nm³/h of raw biogas at 65 vol. % methane) and is equipped for potential future expansion to 566 Nm³ per hour of biomethane (equivalent to 840 Nm³/h of raw biogas at 65 vol. % methane).

Maurice Markerink, managing director of EnviTec Plant Construction, commented, “Before selecting its second gas upgrading plant, the customer made a thorough comparison of the power consumption, the raw gas upgrading design, and the quality level – and it was our EnviThan technology that finally won them over.”

The delivery includes a fully skid-based raw gas upgrading system, enabling swift on-site installation. The package also features an efficient two-stage gas cooling system, alongside the EnviTec Remote system and proprietary plant control.

The plant connects to a local 4-kilometer, 4-bar gas network, linked to a high-pressure station where pressure is boosted to 250 bar. Biomethane can then be filled into mobile containers and delivered to a CNG filling station for use as fuel.

The process, developed in collaboration with Evonik Industries, leverages molecular size differences to achieve environmentally friendly gas upgrading: carbon dioxide molecules pass through the membrane faster than methane, which remains on the high-pressure side without requiring chemicals, water, or additives.

The produced biomethane can substitute natural gas in various applications, including the fuel sector.

EnviTec Biogas brings nine years of experience in plant manufacturing to the Scandinavian and Baltic markets. Markerink noted, “Our plants in Denmark have been running smoothly, and our facilities in Estonia, which are four years old, continue to attract customers.”



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