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Egypt’s government designates 42,000 sq km for green hydrogen projects

Egypt’s government has assigned approximately 41,700 square kilometers (16,100 square miles) to the New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) to support the growth of renewable energy projects aimed at producing green hydrogen, as stated by NREA’s chairman Mohamed El-Khayat.

El-Khayat, addressing a cabinet meeting led by Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly, mentioned that the process of allocating an extra 900 square kilometers is nearing completion.

El-Khayat disclosed the designated sites for green hydrogen production projects, encompassing 27 memoranda of understanding (MoUs) inked with various investors. These projects collectively boast a capacity of approximately 115 GW, consisting of 52 GW of solar energy and 63 GW of wind energy.

Furthermore, land parcels have been earmarked for renewable energy initiatives in the Red Sea and Suez governorates, capable of accommodating roughly 4.4 GW of wind power and 11 GW of solar energy.

Madbouly stressed the importance of promptly formalizing framework agreements related to green hydrogen. Randa Al-Minshawi, Head of the Technical Secretariat of the National Green Hydrogen Council, elaborated that 27 MoUs and 10 binding framework agreements have been signed already, with preparations underway to finalize two more binding agreements.



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